I am someone who comes from a background of creative thinking, of learning by doing, and never thinking 'I could never....'.

Living art, the Art of Living - I am student of life, here to learn, to experience.

I am a classically trained cellist, with an interest in sound production at all levels, from the acquisition of samples (field recording) to production. I also have practical skills in cabinet making, wood turning and construction. Subsequently I learned CAD modelling and the arts of welding and other metal work, and am now expanding my skill-set further with coding and computer driven processes, surrounding music, data, and the I.o.T.

Currently studying fine art - a playground of creativity. My intention is for my practice to cover:

Experiential works - from audio, videos to immersive reactive installations.

Functional works - artistic solutions to the practical issues that face us as humans at this time.

Science-driven works - artistic interpretations of scientific research and concepts.

Here I wish to build a network of like minded people who wish to facilitate themselves and others to achieve their dreams. Working together we are more than the sum of our parts.

Falmouth based multidisciplinary artist

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